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Investing a persons hard earned money in the internet sector in India can be very risky, as powerful officials will viciously defame the innocent domain investor and webmaster without any proof, often out of jealousy and hatred. The harmless domain investor will find that his or her internet access, computers will be hacked repeatedly wasting tax payer money, expensive government equipment, that they will be denied information which they need urgently, making it difficult to earn a living
The people who do so conveniently remain anonymous and cannot be held responsible for the corporate espionage, harm to laptops without a valid reason, and they get a government salary, for harassing a harmless civilian. Hacking internet browsers remains one of the most popular ways to sabotage the domain investor. Popular browsers like Internet Explorer cannot even be opened by the domain investor. Other browsers like SeaMonkey, Google Chrome, Nightly are also hacked for a windows 7 laptop. Screenshots are also enclosed for reference.
Google Chrome - Google Chrome browser error
Seamonkey - Seamonkey browser error
Seamonkey update error/delay
These browser errors are observed with Windows 7 starter edition, using backdoors which are not known to ordinary harmless civilians,trying to earn a living, and they cannot access this information using any known means, since NTRO and technical intelligence agencies are exempt from RTI. These officials may be instigated by large corporates who wish to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply, results in wastage of many hours of a civilians time causing financial hardship. There are many more errors which will be posted here soon, especially if the matter is not resolved. More errors


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